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Past Events:

07/02/2017 – National Grid event on SO – TO Separation

The biggest divorce since Brangilina, but is this business as usual or is it the hint of something bigger? March saw the first PowerHouse even of the year with the debate firing from the word go. How is the market changing and how will it adapt? See more from our event write up here.

15/09/2016 – BuroHappold event on Energy Islands

This event was kindly hosted by BuroHappold at their Soho offices where we explored the challenges of balancing of energy islands. We heard from 3 exceptional speakers and played our own little game with the aim to create a Cornwall energy island.

See the event write up here: Burohappold event on energy islands

20/7/2016 – Centrica Event on Gas Storage and Investor Relations

This month’s event was hosted by Centrica at their offices in Windsor. We were joined by Tahir Mahmood, Head of Risk and Controls for Centrica Storage, and Martin Epsley, Group Head of Investor Relations. The focus was on managing risk from the perspectives of their gas storage facility and from wider group investors relations.

See the event write up here: Centrica event on Gas Storage & Investor Relations

18/5/2016 – National Grid Control Centre tour

This week we hosted our first event outside of London, at National Grid’s Control Centre in Wokingham.  We learnt about how the role of the System Operator is having to adapt in order to manage the changes happening in terms of our evolving generation portfolio and energy demands. Speakers included Jon McDonald, Incentives Development Analyst and Duncan Burt, Head of Operate the System, both from National Grid.

See the event write up here: National Grid Control Centre Tour

23/3/2016- PowerHouse2030 evening event: ‘The game changers: Small businesses of the energy industry’

This evening event was kindly hosted by Elexon and speakers included Mark Bygraves, CEO Elexon and Peter Bance, CEO Origami Energy.


10/11/2015 The Inaugural PowerHouse2030 Workshop: Giving young leaders of tomorrow a voice to shape the future


• What will 2030 and beyond look like for the electricity sector?
• How can we contribute to solving the huge challenges that the industry faces now and in the future?
• What are the best methods of attracting top talent into the industry?
We believe that the young people in our sector should be given the opportunity to contribute their views on these topics.

The workshop aim was to gather the views and opinions of future leaders with 1-5 years’ experience in the industry to create tangible, actionable thought leadership on the future of energy and the challenges young professionals will face. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to network with some of the top young industry talent and the chance to develop career-long relationships.