PowerHouse 2030 event at ELEXON – The politics of Energy – 6 June 2017

Two days before the surprising early general elections that saw Teresa May lose her absolute majority at parliament, and as politicians from all sides were attacking each other in an a final attempt to convince voters that their plan was the best, a group of 40 individuals working in the energy sector or related industries met to discuss the different parties’ proposals related to the industry.

After a brief welcoming message from organiser Thomas Routier, explaining the purpose and setting out the rules of the event, a series of presentation followed. Will Thomas’ started with an overview of the main political parties’ manifesto on energy related matter, followed by consulting company EY presenting their soon to be released report on the Nuclear Supply Chain study.

These presentations set a good base for the following item on the agenda which consisted on splitting the room into tables where several heated topics of the campaign could be discussed by attendees. These included:

  • Renewables targets
  • Level of government involvement/interference
  • The nationalisation of the main actors
  • Energy policies abroad – What do other countries do?
  • The future of nuclear in the fuel mix

Each attendee spent 10 minutes at each table developing their view on each topic from an individual having industry experience and discussing with other industry members with a possible different perspective.

After all attendees had rotated on all tables and discussed all five topics suggested, a wrap up session was held to summarise the key points, issues and solutions highlighted by all on each topic.

The event ended with some snacks and refreshments allowing attendees to network as well as discuss any other topics.

The feedback from attendees on the structure of the event and the quality of the debates was very positive and will be taken into consideration when organising future PH2030 events.


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